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We help small businesses leverage cloud technology to reach their long-term goals.

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We take a holistic approach in understanding your business objectives in order to help your company get a competitive edge by leveraging data, software and technology to build a scaleable infrastructure that supports your short and long term goals.

What does that mean and how much does it cost?
Technology has truly begun to leverage the playing field for small businesses. This is great news! The problem comes when, as a small business owner wearing 1001 hats, needs to stop the press and decide which technology and services to employ and when, how to best utilize the new tools in your arsenal and deciding which tasks are best outsourced and which can be better done in-house.

That's where OLDCARTS Consulting comes into the picture! We offer free analysis and consultation services for all of our clients. We will help you establish a technical roadmap to your desired goal free of charge. Yep... Free of charge.

What's in it for us? We partner with some of the very best in the cloud technology space to help build the most reliable and robust platform for your company. When you decide to utilize the services of our partners through the OLDCARTS Consulting referral and on-boarding program, we are compensated. With that being said, our goal is to provide an action plan that supports your long term needs while employing the basics at every step.

Let's use a familiar scenario as an example. While purchasing a new cell phone, you are advised by the sales professional that a model with 64 gigabytes should be a good fit for your needs based on the amount of data you consumed during the past 12 months of use. She does ask if you foresee your data needs increasing or decreasing over the next two years based on your goals and objectives and ways you currently utilize the data on your cellular service plan. After more inquiry and evaluation, it is mutually agreed that the 64GB model with certain features will work well for the foreseeable lifespan of the technology. On your train ride home, you decide to visit the app store where you download 102 new and very promising applications that promise to help you organize, manage and assist in reaching your personal and professional goals. Sound familiar?

Customizing your personal device for optimal productivity while keeping the monthly bills in line with your budget is very much like planning technology and services for your small business. While OLDCARTS Consulting will help you choose the correct hardware and software needed to meet your immediate needs and support your scalable goals, we also come along for the train ride. We will be there along the way to help choose the right applications at the right time to meet benchmarked goals.

Our add-on services include on-boarding and training your team members for in-house tasks and providing al a carte services such as web development, SEO, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and online advertising.

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We offer free consultations to learn more about your business model, budget and goals in order to provide the best plan for your company.

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